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08 June, 2016

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SOLAS VGM – Update on solutions

New regulation is effective July 1, 2016.

Most major UK ports have confirmed they are offering container weighing services for Method 1.

For Method 1, Pinnacle is now fully registered with the relevant Port Community Service Providers to request this on your behalf.

Charges for this service are summarised below and can be found using the following links:
Southampton / London Gateway
Where the terminal is requested to weigh the container and provide a VGM with electronic signature £17.50

Liverpool / Greenock
Administration fee £2.50
VGM not in Tolerance £19.50
VGM not Supplied £19.50

Tilbury / Grangemouth
SOLAS Administration and Compliance (all export laden containers) £1.00
Terminal Requested to provide VGM (TVGM) £16.50
VGM Mis-declaration £11.00

1. SOLAS Terminal weigh when undertaken via Container Handling Equipment (CHE) = £20.00
2. SOLAS Administration fee (applied to all Laden Exports) = £1.00

Shippers approved to use Method 2 are able to communicate the VGM via Pinnacle using the relevant Port Community Service Providers or directly to the shipping lines website if the service is available.

If the shipper is providing the VGM, Port cut off times are quoted as 24 hours before berthing of the export vessel.

Failure to provide an accurate VGM before the cut off time could lead to additional charges and/or delays.

If you have any questions, please contact your Pinnacle Sales or Operations representative.


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